Website coming

Cassy is a great client. Awesome on social media, has a huge following, a host of great photos, an awesome product and a real appreciation for our expert advice. She came to us with a bit of a muddled logo, two types of business with very different products and lots of plates spinning. This is the sort of thing we love. We were able to put Cassy’s racing mind at ease, juggle the structure of the businesses and provide the artwork to make it all slot into place. Firstly there needed to be a Cassy Gadsby umbrella logo. Then we needed two logos and colour schemes- one for plaiting and one for coaching. Next we instructed Cassy to run two social media profiles, designed her vouchers, banners and business cards and finally we designed the website which is due for construction later this year. Cassy can now manage her publications more clearly and her followers/clients/customers can now easily identify whats being communicated.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, feel there’s too many plates spinning or your branding doesn’t truly reflect what you’re offering…
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