We have a deep passion for beer packaging design and have had the pleasure of collaborating with various breweries, creating labels for award-winning beers. Our enthusiasm for all things beer extends beyond this realm. We also enjoy partnering with wine merchants, bakers, and tea/coffee merchants, gaining valuable experience in the food and drink industry.

A career highlight for us was designing botanical beer labels for Tom Kerridge’s Hand and Flowers. We have had the privilege of working with esteemed breweries such as Hammerton Brewery, KingBeer, Two Tribes, 81 Artisan, Cellar Head Brewing, The Beer Collective, and Knockout Brewery. Our beer labels have adorned bottles that have received prestigious Gold and Silver SIBA awards.

Honey & Green Design

We are more than capable of working on any type of packaging and hope to work with the English wine and fine foods market more and more.

Gingerbread design by Salty Gecko

Understanding how to produce accurate designs ready for print is vital in saving time and money.

B Town Pale Design by Salty Gecko

Beer design packaging and labels for Botantical Beers.

Botantical Beers Logo beer design packaging by Salted Gecko

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