At Salty Gecko Designs we love all things sea, mountains, sport, nature and adventure! Therefore Hatt Adventures had recognised this via Instagram and got in touch to help them with navigating a re-brand.  This was a tough brief – the adventure and extreme sports activities supplier wanted something significantly different from what was out there in the world already. But they also wanted something that demonstrated what they do instantly. Initially we were instructed to steer well away from mountains and sea logos initially and so we tried many options – before they realised that WAS what they wanted. This is part of what we do – we came up with a LOT of ideas for the client and allowed them to see what they didn’t want and eventually what they loved. Sometimes it’s not about us coming up with the right idea – it’s about allowing the client to see things more clearly for themselves and reacting to that once they’ve made their realisation. So then it was about doing a sea and mountains logo in a clever way that had impact and something slightly different about it. Using the idea of the rock of the mountains and the reflected water element of their activities seemed to tick all the boxes beautifully. But also it gave a nod to the client’s appreciation of the natural beauty that they witness during their activities. This logo is now rolled out across all their life jackets, vessels, helmets, social media, websites and has the instant recognition factor that the client desired. We then acted as advisors for their existing website and provided print design for them in the form of posters.

If you have a sports brand and need help with design – please do get in touch. This is something we are very passionate about.