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Lovely owners Helen and John had been successfully running Mevagissey Holiday Cottages for some time, however they were keen to update their website in order to visually keep up with their competitors. However what they also got in the process was a more efficient system for themselves to work with. Editing the site is easier, adding new properties is easier, editing existing properties is easier – and for the customers using the website… it’s a LOT easier… and looks better too!

Initially we noticed that there was an absence of a clear logo so we went back to the beginning and started there. Creating a lovely logo that was authentic to Mevagissey and the harbour experience there was important. The flags gave a nod to their famous Festival Weeks and with the waterline included – the logo helps to capture all the things both visitors and locals love… looking at the boats and the sea. The supporting artwork included black and white watercolour images, a shell border as well as torn edges to prevent the website from being cold. The gold also helped give it a friendly, warm and welcoming feel whilst screaming quality when couple with the navy.

The booking system was fairly straight forward as there were only 16 cottages and the variables were consistent but we took care to make it as cost effective as possible for the client, whilst ensuring they could enjoy an easy system to operate at both front and back end of the website.

If you have an accommodation based business and wish to take bookings online easily with a system that links with your calendars and existing working process – please do get in touch, we’d love to help.