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Mining international industry leader Paterson & Cooke approached us to work on the launch of a new software product launch. By using brand storytelling we would be able to demonstrate what the product is and how it can be used. We focused on the positive impact the product would make to all mine industry personnel – from directors, managers to the mine workers themselves. The best way to explain the product was not to list its benefits in a boring bullet point type fashion but instead to tell stories about issue within the mining world that otherwise could be averted with the right software.

The deliverables were a new logo, style guide, website and a digital presenter. Within the digital PDF presenter was several videos embedded including… An interview with company director explaining the software, an animated explainer video and a software demonstration video with voiceover all of which was written, compiled and directed by Salty Gecko Designs.

In order for us to write and create all of this content for the client we had to really understand a very complicated mining world. Not only did we need to understand our clients needs, but also their customers needs and experiences. Salty Gecko Designs comprehended how backfill management is done and understand all the benefits of the product – then we had to present it in a way that was very easy to understand by different people who may have a very wide ranging knowledge base. Another important element of the project was not over-reaching in terms of the product’s performance promises and we had to be careful with language we used.

If you need to launch a product, create explainer videos, digital presenters, demonstration videos, shoot interviews and take a deep dive into telling your brand stories – then please do get in touch.