Shopify for Jam Industries

Posted by on Apr 19, 2023 in E-commerce, Website design | No Comments

Getting the call from Jam Industries was a good day – it was great getting to know the group and working alongside them to whip their online shop into shape. With shops across London, Devon and Cornwall it was important the locations were highlighted, whilst ensuring the products were centre stage and this was very much a shop focussed on selling products. The style chosen had to fit with the brand’s existing style and match up with their physical stores.

Then it was about gently moving the design forwards to really allow the simple and clean look to sing. The photography supplied by Jam was good, the product photograph was good – so it was then about organising it all in a clear and easy to navigate fashion. Although we make your Shopify site look good – it’s often more about organising your products in the most practical way possible. This allows the customer to filter and buy with ease and allows the client to manage their products quickly and effectively.

Jam are pretty good at looking after their site themselves now it’s up and running but they know we’re here to help when they need.

If you need to sell online and need a bespoke Woo Commerce site or a shopify websiteget in touch, we’d love to help.