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We were recently asked to help design a Squarespace website and we were of course happy to help. Whenever I talk to clients about budget website options I always say the same thing:

  • Avoid Wix for usability, looks & SEO reasons (Search engine optimisation)
  • If you’re selling something – Shopify is an EXCELLENT choice
  • Having a bespoke WordPress website is always preferential
  • If budget doesn’t allow a bespoke option – Squarespace is good

Check out our most recent Square Space design

The reason it is preferential to have a bespoke WordPress website is for design looks, flexibility, having total control over functionality and it’s good for SEO. But often budget doesn’t allow for this and clients would prefer to just pay Squarespace’s monthly fee. The only issue with this is that business owners often don’t have the time and knowledge to set up their Squarespace site as they would like it. There are online marketing and web design techniques and tactics that go beyond just “dragging and dropping”.

Sometimes my clients can get it to a certain point but then they need me to come along and get it looking as good as it can be. Sometimes they just get me involved from the get-go. There have been occasions when clients want to transfer from Wix to Squarespace – which is actually very easily done if you know how. You can also transfer from Wix to Shopify or Squarespace to Shopify too.

Sometimes designing someones Squarespace website takes a day, more often than not it’s two days. We will ensure the navigation is correct and user journey and user interaction is as it should be. We make sure the site is in a good state in terms of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We work on making sure the website is running quickly and smoothly and the site is answering the user’s needs. We ensure the square space site has prioritised the functionality of the site correctly, there are good internal links throughout and it looks the part and represents our clients and their company as well as it possibly can.

If you need a Squarespace website editing and designing – please do get in touch. We’re happy to help and will allow you to crack on with your actual work of running your business. But by the end you have a fully functioning website that you can be proud of and you yourself will have total control of it going forwards. But we’re always on hand to support if you need us.