Sports club websites that really work

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Take a look at Chichester Hockey’s site, a well oiled machine that the club absolutely love. This sports club website really works

Chichester hockey club website designSports club websites are often clunky to use, difficult or slow to populate and edit.  They don’t reflect the club’s personality, don’t inform its members well enough, don’t inform its visitors either, don’t allow online subscription payments (meaning the club secretary’s job is one nobody wants to do) and in general don’t help the committee to do their job more easily and efficiently.

A sports club website should have social media links so that multiple members can update the club through platforms such as Facebook. Why train everyone to check the club news page when everyone is already checking Facebook?

The club website needs to be extremely organised and well laid out, making it easy for fixtures, training and essential information to be easily found. The opposition need to find this information and directions quickly and easily. Sponsors need to be recognised and Sporting bodies criteria’s need to be met. Safe guarding info needs to be found easily and systems need to be put in place that allow the new seasons info to be updated painlessly.

Members should be able to sign up quickly and easily online, their details go into a database and then every season thereafter they simply hit ‘renew’ with an option to change their existing details if they wish.

All of this can be achieved. In one go or in stages. It doesn’t have to cost the earth. The site can look and function the way you want. Not the way Pitchero tell you it has to be. You have total control and flexibility. The membership system bolts onto any site and works perfectly. No more adverts where you don’t want them and instead you have something to offer potential sponsors.

We have a lot of experience in this area, we understand you and your members. We are sports people ourselves and members of clubs. We have sat on committees as club captains, coaches, team captains. We know what is involved and the difficulties in achieving it, this allows us to smoothly overcome or dodge potential issues. It’s a lot of work and it takes time to perfect as you have to train members over time to use it properly. You will be sick to death of saying, “Have a look on the website, it’s all on there.” But persist and a season later you’ll have a well oiled machine that is very easy to maintain.

Website design is one of our key offerings at Salty Gecko.  If you would like us to help you with a new sports club website, we’d love to get involved. Give us a call to discuss your needs.